Love and War

by Reece Pocock

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Book Description

Thirteen short stories make up this book: from the romance of 'The Angel of Tobruk' to the deadly battles of 'The Third of August', 'Staying Alive', 'Horace the Horse', to the nostalgia of 'My Grandfather the Soldier', 'Suburban Hero', 'Homecoming' and 'The Light in the Window'. Plus some history of the 2nd/43rd battalion in World War Two, who fought at Tobruk, El Alamein, New Guinea and Borneo. The 'Rats of Tobruk' fought, died, were wounded, and won many battles in that time. But, many stories are about the women who became nurses, stayed home, repaired the damage their men sustained both physically and mentally after the services were finished with them. Although, the stories are fictional, there are many historical facts of great interest to many who had loved ones who served in the war.

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