Low Carb Diet: Low Carb Diet Recipes Cookbook for Beginners for Batch Cooking

by Lela Gibson
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Book Description

Most people can relate to not feeling like doing much once they get home after a rough day at work. However, imagine having all your meals for the entire week ready. How cool is it getting home after a rough day at work to find ready food and all you need to do is warm the food or just put in the stove for a few minutes and you don’t have to wash, cut and prepare the food? Batching cooking is a very useful method of making meals especially if busy, and who isn’t? The most beneficial thing about batch cooking is that you simplify a rather complex and time-consuming process in just a few hours. Batch cooking is especially beneficial when adopting any diet. As you are aware, adopting any new diet is challenging and thus to ensure you stick to the diet and are not tempted to eat what you are not supposed to eat, meal planning is key. Your work is even made easier when you can prepare meals in batch. You not only save time but also save how much of some ingredients you may use. If you want to learn more about batch cooking especially preparing low carb meals, then this book is perfect for you. In this book, you will learn more about batch cooking as well as some low carb recipes you can prepare in bulk. Here’s Just A Small Preview Of What You’ll Learn... Batch Cooking In A Nutshell Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Desserts And much, much more!

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