Magic of Lectin Free Diet: 50 Tasty & Quick Recipes for Beginners for Good Health and Perfect Form by Ethan Murphy

by Ethan Murphy
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Book Description

An easy and quick guide to effective Lectin-free diet! This diet will help you keep your weight in check, and also ward off autoimmune disorders and most allergies. In this book you can find surprising truth about meals that have long been regarded as healthy. Lectins are plant proteins. They have various functions, but can have adverse effects such as inflammation, leaky gut, and nausea, when consumed in the foods we eat. Lectins are in vegetables, legumes, seeds and dairy products, and the most likely in foods that are consumed raw. A lectin-free diet is just that, foods without the lectins. You don’t need to follow a boring, special diet to build your best slim body. You can eat your favorite meals while losing weight and feeling healthier than you ever thought possible. You can find here the following easy recipes: • 10 amazing breakfast recipes, including Baked Sweet Potatoes and Morning Banana Balls • 20 main dished recipes, among them, are Stir-Fry Beef, Mushroom Oyster Recipe, and Grilled Shrimp • 5 salads to expand the range of your light and pleasant dishes, among them, are Avocado-Lettuce Salad and Pineapple-Carrot Salad. • 5 snacks recipes. You definitely will like them! Asparagus-Mushroom Snack and Avocado Chips. • Soups and smoothies recipes for quick and easy cooking. Pumpkin soup or Mushroom Soup for your choice.

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