Manga: Warrior Legend Chapter III -The Antagonist- | Book Volume 3 | Manga | Comic | Drama | Action | Fantasy | Fiction | Shonen (Warrior Legend Manga series)

by Rising T.E.

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Book Description

In this still young world, one person is set aside since birth, taken care of by the monks, but grows up in the shadows of his own town. Years later as an adult, he has grown stronger than the monks ever expected! Why is he so unique from others, is to be answered! Now he teaches some soldiers with the skill, the ability just known as "Attribute." This man, Ozias, like many other soldiers has to protect their city to stay closed off from the outer world and incoming attacks!  In Augo City everyone has been safe for generations, everyone is safe, until one day.. Suddenly, more then war is coming to town!  Then soon after, from the darkest clouds in the heavens above, like the lightning strikes, an unknown appearance has come to change the world for all eternity! Will this changes everything, will this world yet so young need to be reborn?!

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