Manga: Warrior Legend Chapter IV -Salvation- | Book Volume 4 | Manga | Comic | Drama | Action | Fantasy | Fiction | Shonen | Mystery (Warrior Legend Manga series)

by Rising T.E.

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Book Description

Plot WL Chapter IV: After the war and the scary and horrible events in the last chapter, Ozias finds himself to confronted about the events that occurred. And why he didn't wasn't killed.. was he suppose to? This situation brings him to prison with another Outsider as himself! By the time he gets to know this guy, there is more trouble coming to Augo! Chapter introduction: Right after the big losses in the conflict between Augo and Vista, few men returned and most of them had injuries and experienced things they never thought possible. No one can be prepared for the unexpected! What will Augo's people think of the outside world now? Ozias was one among the higher-ranked soldiers that managed to make it back safely after the events. He, the only facing so close to this Warrior thing, so close without being killed? The Chief summons for Ozias to meet at the castle, to clarify what was really going on out there and what was that thing that shocked everyone with its brutal force?

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