Massage Confidential: Plan & Protect the Most Relaxing Hour of Your Week

by Deb Petrosky
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Book Description

Be savvy—and safe! Thinking of scheduling your first massage? Not thrilled with the last practitioner and want to try someone else? How will you know where to go? Massage Confidential reveals insider tips on: • How to find out if your massage therapist has a valid license—and if his state board has imposed any disciplinary action against him. • How to conduct a phone screening of the person who will work in your personal space much longer, and closer, than most other health care professionals. • What a professional massage is—and isn’t—in regard to how you are covered and touched. • Crisis communication you should practice now in case you need to salvage, or end, a session. • Outside-the-box options if you just can’t risk a traditional massage. You can become your own best advocate for safe, soothing relief. Find out what you absolutely must know before your next—or first—massage.

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