Meal Prep: The Essential Guide How to Prepare Quick and Easy Meals with Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss, Batch Cooking, and Clean Eating

by Lucas Owens
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Book Description

Meal prepping is the simple the process of preparing food ahead of time. That will save you time, money and stress. With all the tips and tricks to make meal prepping no longer a job but a fun and useful activity. This book contains all the information that you need to master the art of meal prepping. Tips and hacks that will help you get the best out of the meal prep process and clean recipes that are easy to prepare and healthy to eat. With 30 recipes for all occasions including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with nutritional values, prep time, level of difficulty and how long it will last for, you will have plenty of options to choose from. It will allow you to reap the advantages gained from preparing your meals in advance. These include saving you time and money that can be spent elsewhere, allowing you to multitask various meals at once and portion control through cooking food that will only fit in your containers or on your plate. Here Is What You'll Learn About... • The Wonders of Meal Prepping • A Meal Prepping Schedule • Tools for Meal Prepping • Setting a Budget • 30 Delicious Recipes for any Occassion

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