Meat: Cook like never before. Fresh view for chicken, pork and beef.

by Mia Syndella
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Book Description

Tired of boring “fry and bake” meat recipes? Want something new to refresh your regular meals? Or maybe you want to try these famous Asian or European dishes but don’t have time to search for a right recipe? Look no further! I made it for you.In this book, I collected my favorite recipes from Thai, Italian, Indian and even Japan cuisines so you can try them in your own kitchen. Sweet and spicy chicken recipes from Asia or juicy beef and pork dishes from Europe – this meat cookbook has it all!Have special guests or arranging an event? Want to bring some diversity to your table or want to impress your loved ones with something delicious? I picked recipes for every occasion!And what is the best part? These are not overcomplicated recipes from restaurants but easy to follow instructions with photos – from people to people.What are you waiting for? Buy this book and start cooking! Bake it! Stew it! Roast it! Grill it! Taste it!

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