Mediterranean Cookbook for Healthy Lifestyle

by Jennifer Tate
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Book Description

The book contains a terrific collection of useful recipes and nutritious foods that contribute to your health and longevity. The Mediterranean diet helps maintain your weight in normal, and the body in shape. The professional nutritionist conducted careful culinary research and included in the book necessary - Salads - Poultry & Meat dishes - Seafood dishes - Soups - Drinks - Desserts & Sweets - Vegetable meals - Pasta recipes - Bread & Pizza recipes with countless health benefits that will please you with taste and benefit. The Mediterranean diet is used when people want to change the eating habits to the healthier or to lose weight. The products and recipes disclosed in this book are basically all you need to maximize your energy and improve your health. With the information provided here, you will find great ideas about nutrition that will make your skin glitter and your mind/body feel good, you will see how easy it is to clean and lose weight, maybe it does not matter without dairy products without soy, paleo, vegans and everything in between. The advantages of the Mediterranean Diet: - Reducing the risk of cardiovascular mortality - Reducing the incidence of cancer - Reducing Parkinson's disease - Reducing Alzheimer's disease - Prevention of major chronic diseases - Enjoyable and healthy life The choice of this book is an excellent choice, because it is unmistakably equipped with wonderful ingredients that you and your body will love.

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