Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss: Complete Cookbook with 80 Mediterranean Diet Easy Recipes & 7-Day Diet Meal Plan for Healthy Lifestyle

by Olivia Mason
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Book Description

It’s not a Diet, it’s called Eating Healthy! If you have been searching for a Mediterranean diet cookbook with pictures full of healthy recipes that taste as good as they look, you are in the right place – read on! What will you discover in this book? •An “Introduction of International Cuisine” is followed by “Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet”, which reveals why that type of diet is commonly called the Mediterranean diet and is regarded as healthy food for the heart. In fact, if you follow the Mediterranean diet, weight loss, your and your family’s heart health and well-being are ensured. •“Highly Nutritional Foods for this Diet” gives you an idea of what healthy foods to eat. You will know which foods the Mediterranean diet includes. Also, the Mediterranean diet food pyramid is explained in detail in this chapter. •Our healthy food recipe book consists of 80 amazing recipes. You will find healthy food recipes in five sections – Breakfasts, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner and Desserts. A huge variety of healthy foods for weight loss is proposed. These easy, healthy Mediterranean recipes are wisely combined in the “7-Day Meal Plan” – your personal Mediterranean diet menu plan. The Mediterranean diet is just a dietary habit of people living in the Mediterranean regions – Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco. Many studies have found that people living in the Mediterranean regions are far healthier and happier than people living in North America and Northern Europe.

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