Mel and Shar’s Erotic Adventures: Tales from the Boomer Life

by Maddy Bordeaux
  • Book Author : Maddy Bordeaux
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Are baby boomers panting for Elderly Erotica? Mel and Shar, two friends of a certain age, say, “Absolutely!” So, despite the fact that neither lady has ever watched a porn video or read anything steamier than Eighties romances, they decide Elderly Erotica is their ticket to fame and fortune. Because…why not? Surely, at least a few of their fellow boomers—who were once into sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll—remain interested in something spicier than the Senior’s Menu at Black-eyed Pea. Can Mel and Shar start a successful porn business by filming certain sexual acts—later TBD--with a smartphone? Can they write successful erotica with only a passing acquaintance of four-letter-words, not to mention marginal computer skills? Follow the adventures of Mel McCartney and Shar Ledowsky, as they kind of, sort of explore the world of Elderly Erotica. And, if they become porn clowns who host political porn parties in order to increase voter registration; are picketed by protestors of their C***y, C** and C**ks: Recipes for Desire cookbook; and become intimately acquainted with one Hot Shot police officer along the way, well… That just proves Mel and Shar are up for anything. Okay, to clarify: They’re up for a couple of things…

Maddy Bordeaux


Maddy Bordeaux is the pseudonym for a “serious” historical novelist, who decided to take a break from all that research on castles and kingdoms and campaigns in order to write something a bit goofy and hopefully a lot funny. After visiting a childhood friend and sharing lots of belly laughs, Maddy decided it was time for some not-very-erotic adventuring! Mel and Shar’s Erotic Adventures: Tales from the Boomer Life is the result. Maddy hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it!

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