Memories of the Blue Door

by Paul Durkin

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Book Description

Allow us if you will to transport you back to a wonderful carefree time, where lifelong boyhood memories were made and adventure was abundant! Back in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the 1980s close-knit relationships and unshakeable combined imaginations ruled. Remembering friendships forged together more than three decades ago, long before and out of reach of today’s busy modern world, of reality bites and virtual Xbox adventures, Paul and Neil will take you back to the notorious Cowgate Estate. Cowgate, which lies in their city's west end, was a place so barren and devoid of both hope and dreams that it seemed excitement and an overwhelming sense of brotherhood were never quite meant to happen! Turn a page if you will and take the road back to an era we all just might remember, to that time and place where we had the greatest adventures of our lives!

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