Men and Martinis (Girlfriends of Gotham Book 1)

by Delancey Stewart
  • Book Author : Delancey Stewart
  • Promo Start : 01/09/2018
  • Promo End : 01/09/2018
  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

"...beautifully and hilarious well written story that perfectly captured the feeling of friendship, relationship, first love" -- Koko's Book Blog" The perfect New Adult 90s romantic comedy!" -- Kayti McGee, author of Screwmates A "plot full of ROFL moments and witty anecdotes..." - Goodreads reviewer A group of twenty-something girlfriends find themselves in New York City in the midst of the 90s dot-com boom. They've got killer jobs, killer clothes, and each other -- what could go wrong? Everything, and usually in the most hilarious way possible. The first Girlfriends of Gotham book follows the life of NYC newcomer Natalie Pepper. She's a California girl, a fish out of water, and she's going to make it on her own in the big city despite a massive crush on a coworker (a no-no), a boss that can't seem to get her name right, and a group of friends creating all kinds of chaos of their own. If you loved Bridget Jones and miss Sex and the City, this laugh-out-loud series will scratch that itch. Dive in today!

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