Merry Friggin’ Christmas: An Edgy Christmas Comedy

by Joseph Cillo, Jr.

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Book Description

Based on The Life of Carlton St. Michael, the NUMBER ONE TOP RATED show on the URN! The perfect gift for that "Bah-humbug!" in your life! So, who is Carlton St. Michael? Carlton St. Michael is an up-and-coming atheist stand-up comic on the verge of fame and fortune. The only problem is, he's dead. Actually, twice dead. And, his life story has become the number one top-rated show on the Undying Rerun Network (URN). A Christmas Comedy, of all things. But Carlton isn't buying any of it. He's out to prove it's all some near-death hallucination that will fade to black when he really dies, or vanish when he awakes. So, are you dying to see how this story turns out? Well, that's the only way to see it on the URN. You have to die first. But Carlton has written it all down for you, so you can enjoy it without venturing beyond the veil. So, are you dying to know Carlton's story? You can get the EBook, NOW! Warning: Merry Friggin’ Christmas is too edgy for children under age 13. Check out some reviews from some imaginary people: "This book surprised me. I kept thinking I knew where it was going, and it ended up somewhere else. I wish I did not have to be dead to see it on the URN." Misty Fication "I can't tell you why I loved this book without spoiling the ending. So, let's just say that I loved it, because of the ending." John Q. Endingliker

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