Midlife Crisis: Signs, Symptoms & How to Deal with It – Life Guide for Men and Women by Roger Wise

by Roger Wise

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Book Description

Midlife Crisis is a must-read strategy guide for ALL people looking for guidance in navigating the changes of midlife, and those who want to understand the natural progression of their own life and be the best version of themselves they can be! Roger Wise gives readers an honest and concise but revitalizing view of the midlife experience. The beginner’s guide is beginner not in its subject matter, but in the way it opens the door to exploring your own being deeper. It makes learning and reading enjoyable and will teach you how to: •   Observe your own middle age experience •   Recognize signs and symptoms of a difficult midlife transition before it becomes a midlife crisis •   Manage and embrace the middle age transition •   Understand the difference between the male and female middle age experience •   Open up to your peers, friends and loved ones •   Transform your perception on midlife so it is welcomed and gratifying •   Be open to change and rock this new chapter of your life By the time you finish Midlife Crisis, you will understand why they happen, feel confident in avoiding a crisis of your own and EMBRACE your very own midlife evolution.

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