Miguel’s Bar Mitzvah And Other Stories

by Rachel J. Kasen
  • Book Author : Rachel J. Kasen
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

"Miguel’s Bar Mitzvah And Other Stories" is a collection of fifteen short stories about love in alternative families. The stories have diverse definitions of what constitutes family. There are couples, triples, and tribes. These are stories about acceptance, love, and dignity. Miguel’s Bar Mitzvah - A Hispanic man studies for his Bar Mitzvah so he can say the prayer for the dead for his adopted parents and finds he has unfinished business with his birth parents. The Seventh Gate – A Rabbi, a practitioner of the sacred art of Kabbalah, uses his esoteric abilities to save his community. The Language of Flowers - It is a family drama about a middle aged bisexual artist and her boyfriend, contains erotica with BDSM elements. The Dog - a comedy about a seventeen year old bride who clings to an old dog in memory of her mother. Town ‘n’ Gown - A second chance romance about an old widower and a sixty year old writer he meets at work. The Skeptic - A writer for a magazine about the paranormal is assigned to write about a boy with Down syndrome, who reported to be psychic. The Last of the Pancakes - The aftermath of a family feud. The Three Moons of Jupiter - An older couple falls in love with a young woman. The Controlling Interest - A comedy about a lawyer who tries to control the coop board of his building. Shemhamphora - An elderly psychic healer, and her homeless student. There are five additional short stories.

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