Mindful Monster- Being Kind!

by Elisa Anderson

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Book Description

Kindness is one of the most human virtues we can teach our children It's so easy to get caught up in ourselves these days that we forget how we treat others around us. Sadly the same can be said for our kids as well. Showing compassion to our fellow human beings is something that should come naturally to us but often times we are too self-involved to try, so we end up being “Big Red Monsters” and scare away people around us with our vile attitudes. Usually this is because there are some experiences or issues that we haven’t deal with yet and these produce feelings that “block” the pipe or pathway through which our compassion is supposed to flow, so to speak. Using very simple mindful techniques we can “un-block” this pipe and let our feelings flow unhindered so we can treat people around us with kindness. This children story book, with simple illustrations and vibrant colors carefully selected to guide your emotions, will show both you and your kids how you can un-block your kindness channel. Let the Mindful Monster guide you and your kid on the path to kindness with easy mindful exercises

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