Mindfulness Stress Reduction: How to Practice Mindfulness for Peaceful, Stress-Free, Happy Living (Mindfulness Techniques & Exercises for Beginners)

by Julia Degarmo
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Book Description

Whether at home, at work, or in your love life, if the stress level you’re experiencing is entirely overwhelming and feels like it’s “ruining your life” and that you just can’t take it any longer: I have some really good news for you. There’s one simple, effective, inexpensive, and natural way to combat stress. It’s called “mindfulness,” and it’s an easy and worthwhile trait to adapt into your lifestyle, because it brings about peace of mind and a wide gamut of health benefits. The sooner you learn to practice it, the sooner you can reap the benefits. The information presented in this book will teach you how to practice mindfulness effectively, the various elements of mindfulness, and how mindfulness can – and will – change and improve your life. As a regular practice, mindfulness is relatively easy to do. There are no long sessions and elaborate rituals. You’ll be surprised at actually how convenient it is. So, if you’re ready to know more about how mindfulness can work for you, relieving stress and allowing you to live a happy life, let’s get started!

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