Minimalist: The How-To and Why of Becoming a Minimalist

by R and R

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Book Description

This quick read will help you determine what Minimalism is and what it's not! What is minimalism? Just like most other people, it might bring up images of self-denial, purity, bare walls, frugality, or a house with no furniture. It might seem to be an exercise in depriving yourself of certain aspects of life for the sake of it. How mundane and colorless! Who would want a life like that? However, this view is light years away from what this book will tell you about minimalism. In its purest form, minimalism is precisely the opposite. It defines freedom, joy, and peace differently. It is a space that you open up to invite more new possibilities. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as it gives clarity towards the life that we want. For a majority of us who are living in developed nations, about 98 percent of this means to minimize our possessions and not add to them. Therefore we have to learn about the practical skill of minimizing. With that as a foundation, a definition for minimalism is the purposeful promotion of most valued things and the removal of distractions. The truth and full potential of what minimalism can give, and not what it takes away.

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