Missing You: a travel mystery romance (Harrington Bay Mysteries Book 2)

by Shereen Vedam
  • Book Author : Shereen Vedam
  • Promo Start : 06/04/2019
  • Promo End : 06/08/2019
  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

You have the right to remain silent.A strong fateful wind blows Phoebe Clay, a multi-lingual espionage agent for the US government, from her assignment in Sri Lanka to the Oregon coast on a rescue mission. Her Great Aunt Helen's text about a historic family catastrophe has Phoebe hopping on the next plane home.On arrival, she discovers the disaster is just a missing family cat. Now she must decide: return to duty and complete her unsolved case or stay to retrieve her great aunt's beloved "kidnapped" pet.A man of strong convictions and stable disposition, Morgan Harrington is toppled by the whirlwind of beauty and crazy that lands next door. Also, as a man of law and order, how can he resolve allowing this raven-haired criminal to spin his heart in circles?Soon, a crisis sends the elusive Phoebe away, as mysteriously as she arrived. Now Morgan must decide: follow his wayward heart, and Phoebe, into danger, or settle back into his staid, but safe life?If you like a cozy mystery with an international twist, you'll love this humorous joy ride that crosses not only country boundaries but genre tropes by plucking you from the safe mysterious confines of the Pacific Coast and dropping you into a thrilling espionage case on an exotic island in the Indian Ocean.Scroll on up and claim your ticket to an unforgettable adventure now.

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