Monkey’s New Trick:

by Coral Walker

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Book Description

Reality doesn’t always meet our expectations, but, using his skill, wisdom, and cheeky character, Monkey makes the best of it. There is a garden filled with all kinds of fruit trees. To eat the fruit of a tree an animal has to call its name and say ‘Please’. There is one most beautiful tree with the most yummy-looking fruit. But no animal has ever tasted its fruit, because no animal knows its name. The name is too long to remember. Each time the animals ask the name of the tree, they forget about it straight away. Clever Monkey has a good idea. One way or another he will get to taste the fruit. But is the fruit really as tasty as it looks?   Teaching Children Problem Solving:  There is the problem: each time the monkey asks the old woman the name of the tree, he forgets before he gets back to the garden because the name of the tree is too long. The monkey has to use his skills – his musical talent—to solve this problem.  Teaching Children about Reality: In reality, things don’t always go our way. We can deal with it negatively, or we can deal with it positively. Monkey will show you how he would deal with an adverse outcome the ‘MONKEY’ way!   Warning: an Abundance of Charming Animals!  This children's book contains illustrations of a cute monkey who sings and plays the guitar, and many jungle animals who dance. Enjoy all the yummy, juicy fruits along with the humorous storytelling prose.

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