More Than Human – The Value of Cultivating the Human Spirit in Your Organization

by BIll Protzmann
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Book Description

We are talking about the human spirit. Your human spirit and its power in your organization. It’s the “something more about life-ness” that we’re going to discuss. That somethingness might be fierce, courageous, and daring, or subtle, steely, and calm. Even if it feels like your interior embers glow red or burn out, that human spirit is what we call spirituality. And that’s where it gets real. The practice of human spirit. Practical spirituality. To make that work in your organization, you want best practices with contagious acceptance, unlimited scalability, and tremendous value…starting with You. Let’s do this. Your human spirit deserves it.

BIll Protzmann


Bill Protzmann is an award-winning advocate and teacher of music as self care. He lives in San Diego California with his wife and three step-daughters and is very involved as a volunteer teacher of self-care tools with homeless and at-risk populations, including military Veterans.

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