Mother of Wolves (Evalyce Worldshaper Book 1)

by J. d'Merricksson
  • Book Author : J. d'Merricksson
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  • Promo End : 08/15/2019
  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

In a world full of magic, wonder and blended technology, a year of awakening awaits Kalla kyl’Solidor - the Wolf Who Sleeps. After a fire wyvern attacks her home, she sets on a harsh path to self-discovery.With the future of the realm at stake, Kalla and her magister embark on a journey that will shake the foundations of De Sikkari and shape their destiny.From the depths of Xibalba to the plains of Arkkadia, and the soaring heights of the sky continent of Argoth, they journey to claim their rightful place in the world, and to put an end to the source of destruction before chaos claims their world.

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