Moving doesn’t have to suck

by Dean Sowod

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Book Description

Let's face it: moving absolutely sucks! That was the first and only thought going through my head during my first move. And the one after that. And the one after that. And the one after that. Moving is stressful, but we tend to focus so much on how to move (How do I find a new place, how do I box everything up, how do I get somewhere new) that we tend to forget the emotion involved. Moving often means saying goodbye to friends, moving means saying goodbye to family, and moving means saying goodbye to consistency in our lives. In other words, relocation sucks! At this point in my life, I've relocated over 12 times the last 20 years. In those relocations though, I had to learn how to move without it completely sucking. Moving is incredibly stressful, as we'll see shortly. My body couldn't take that stress each year without figuring out a better way to do it. My goal for this move book is to share the secrets and tricks I've learned over a dozen moves to help lessen the emotional pain of relocation. Unfortunately, relocating will always contain some stress. However, my hope is that the tips in this move book help make things slightly easier for you. In this book we'll cover:

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