Murder Mountain: An Eli Quinn Short Mystery

by Robert Roy Britt
  • Book Author : Robert Roy Britt
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

A silent shooter kills Eli Quinn's wife at a public rally, in a scene captured on video in broad daylight, then vanishes. The case goes cold until Quinn's colleague, investigative reporter Samantha Marcos, suggests they team up to solve the seemingly random murder. Quinn and Sam embark on a months-long investigation that leads to a harrowing chase through a fog-shrouded forest as Quinn and his K-9 companion, Solo, hunt down the elusive killer. In this fast-paced prequel to the 3-book Eli Quinn detective mystery series, Quinn tests the physical and mental skills that later define him as a private eye. Once you've met Eli Quinn, you'll want to read the three novels in the series: Closure, Drone and First Kill.

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