My Daredevil on the Mount

by Lucy Johanson
  • Book Author : Lucy Johanson
  • Promo Start : 08/12/2018
  • Promo End : 08/17/2018
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Book Description

Seeking adventure. Finding passion. Three months ago, 36 year-old Vanessa’s marriage dissolved due to sheer boredom, and now she is finally injecting some excitement into her life - an adventure sports tour of New Zealand is just what she needs. The next stop? A skydive in the party town of Mount Maunganui. And when skydiving instructor Dan takes a personal interest in coaching her, the excitement explodes. Who is she, after all, to turn down a 24 year-old hunk who can barely take his eyes off her? But being with a student, even one somewhat older than him, breaks the rules, so as Dan and Vanessa’s hunger builds and they indulge one another in spite of the risks, a jealous and petty manager might just douse the flames before they get started. For an adventurous, exciting romance, My Daredevil on the Mount takes a daring divorcee and her toy boy stud muffin, and sends their love soaring to new heights! About the author Lucy Johanson is a romance author who throws her characters together in exotic locations, then turns up the heat. The love is grownup, and while the romance can even be described as “sweet” at times, please don’t mistake these novels for “sweet romance.” They aren’t. For more, check out her website

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