My Favorite Time of Year

by Julie Aydlott

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Book Description

My Favorite Time of Year is a beautifully illustrated rhyming season's book that will bring back memories to the children and even adults who read it. This book was inspired by the holiday traditions that each passing season brings and to see the happiness through the eyes of young children and what they remember the season to mean. Starting with the spring, the illustrated rhyming descriptions will take you down memory lane and allow young and old to relate to the experiences in the book. Moving to the fun of summer and all of the activities that come along with it. Then coming upon fall with all of the beautiful yet spooky changes that the wonderful season brings. Finally ending with the girls’ favorite time of year, which is Christmas. The winter season shows the joy that comes along with all of the traditions and anticipation of Christmas coming. This book was created to remind grown-ups and their children to hold onto the simple things in life that make us content and happy.

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