My Heart is Broken. Now What?

by Patty Blue Hayes

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Book Description

If you're someone who's feeling lost, isolated and broken after the one you love just dumped you, walked out and didn't look back - MY HEART IS BROKEN. NOW WHAT? is written for you. * Is your mind swirling with questions as to why they left? * Are you anxious, depressed and feeling blindsided? * Does it feel like your heart has been amputated? * Are you numbing out to escape the pain? I've been there. Done that. I put these 12 practices together based on my own personal experience and my education as a Life Coach and a certified trainer in the Infinite Possibilities program created by New York Times best selling author, Mike Dooley. This heartbreak recovery guide is for you if: * You have a desire to allow yourself to grieve. * You'd like to hear words from someone who knows your pain. * You're looking for actionable tools and techniques so you can start feeling relief. Today, I'm a Life Coach specializing in helping people heal their heartbreak. I found great purpose from what was an extremely painful time in my life when my marriage ended abruptly. I sunk to the depths of despair and didn't know who I was without him. I felt broken. My healing journey was a bumpy road because I didn't know the tools, techniques and practices that I'm sharing with you in this book. Even as I embarked on my training, I was still amidst great grief and sometimes didn't make the best choices. I would love to spare you the bumpy road.

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