My Husband’s Amnesia: A coma victim, Hal, awakens, but remembers nothing past the age of 17, not even his wife. (Twisted Tale – Short Story Book 6)

by C. A. Hewitson

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Book Description

Hal is, and always will be, the love of my life, even though he no longer remembers me. We met at University and it was love at first sight - he was studying philosophy and was an exciting world away from the stuffy types I was studying biology with. The life we've built together, with our two children Janine and Scott, is worth fighting for. But Doctor Nichols, Hal's psychiatrist, doesn't want to get my hopes up. 'It's been ten years since he came out of the coma,' he reminds me. 'It might be healthy for you to move on.' But I can’t, even if Hal has moved on. Or moved backwards, more accurately, straight back into the arms of Teneille Van Outen, his high school sweetheart.

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