My Life is My Responsibility, or Living According to Own Script (Personal Development Book)

by Vanessa Angel

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Book Description

Managing your life means to create a guaranteed harmonious relationship with people around you and with yourself, to provide the desired earnings and self-realization. Your current life situation is only what happens to you at this moment. You let the dice roll and live automatically, half asleep. I suggest that you should go through all the stages of awakening, and leave your troubles and difficulties far behind. This book will help you to wake up and to realize that you can live differently. The issues like how to earn money for living, where to find money to pay a loan, how to get rid of health problems, how to find a job, how to see your vocation, how to build a harmonious relationship, and to become more successful, can be quickly resolved. Of course, probably you will have to do something unpleasant, but the nasty thing does not mean that it is terrible. You will just do something you have never done before. Fear will stop you, just back down and surrender to it. I do not suggest you should take a deep breath and go to the rails before the oncoming train. I ask just to find a moment to think why you are afraid of the most straightforward changes. Many people do not want to change anything because they are just happy. They consider their life to be quite healthy. ‘Of course, I have debts; I dislike my job, I live with a person who does not care about me, my back aches... However, the rest is all right.’ I learned from my experience that there is a fear of failure and

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