Myths (The Fourth Age: Shadow Wars Book 3)

by David N. Pauly

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Book Description

In the distant land of Platonia, the Gracies' ancient protectors are dying.Only the Gemwings - mythical giant insects - can restore the magic within the Well of Life. Four Gracies volunteer to search for the Gemwings, but as Platonia is attacked, will they find the Gemwings in time?Prince Daerahil frets in exile, unable to vanquish a terrible presence that stalks him and his men. Closer and closer a dark shape is seen, hunting his soldiers in the shadows of Plaga Erebus - the land of wounded darkness. Ambushed, Daerahil fights for his life and his soul, and is given a choice to aid a terrible creature to exact his revenge upon those who imprisoned him - and receive his help in taking the kingship in return.But is it an offer Daerahil can't refuse, and will his decision seal the fate of every living soul in Nostraterra?

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