Nanotech Deliverance

by Evan Hirson

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Book Description

Ella's hands trembled as she removed the loaf of bread from the freezer. On returning to the living room, the agents in dark attire stood where she'd left them. Their intention to take her in for questioning had her frightened of what they might do. She'd been running from her alien enemies for years. Despite all of that, she felt the woman could be trusted. Anything they might do would surely be preferable to being captured by her enemies. Mayu Harada was the young woman's name. Of Japanese descent, she was apparently the superior of the two. The male agent on the other hand had a surly demeanor about him. Ella's request for Russell to remain waiting at the door couldn't have been plainer. But there he was, brazenly questioning the strangers. The conversation between Russell and the other man soon became heated. Ella struggled with the potentially dangerous situation. She'd always hoped to bring Russell into it, but not like this. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea to bring him along. The odds were still against them, and what she had in mind was dangerous. But if what she suspected about him was true, he could be their only hope. As they all stepped out into the sultry night air, only Ella knew what the future might hold. What chance does humanity have against the powerful alien invaders? And how could Ella know more about Russell than he knows about himself?

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