Nanotech Deliverance

by Evan Hirson

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Book Description

The story opens upon the life of an unusual young man. Having spent time on the street, he'd fought for his very existence. But Russell had finally begun to settle down. Most of the stability he'd found, was due to the neighbor who lived across the hall. Ella was a middle aged woman with a sometimes childlike but charming personality. Despite being quite strange, her steady presence had helped him to forget his turbulent past. There was just something about the way she moved though ... something disconcerting. Then there was Mayu. Who was this fascinating young woman who was threatening to take Ella away? By the way she carried herself, Russell could see she knew how to handle herself. And what about that partner of hers? He'd surely done his share of brawling in the street ... definitely the look of an ex-military man. To avoid a confrontation, they left the building together into the sultry evening. But what do the agents want with Ella? And what is the dark secret she knows about Russell, that he doesn't even know about himself?

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