Neighborly Complications (Stories of Serendipity Book 1)

by Anne Conley
  • Book Author : Anne Conley
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

A jilted bride.  A tragic widower.  A haunted house hiding a not-so-forgotten treasure.  What could go wrong?Claire Dunlap is done with men after her umpteenth failed relationship left her asking stupid questions about herself.  Determined to start fresh, become more independent, and be her own woman, she's frustrated and foiled at every turn by the meddling, arrogant, hottie next door.Max Houston hasn't felt a spark for a woman in years, not since his childhood sweetheart died.  When Claire moves into his dream home, he knows why she's there, and only wants to help.  But he can't do anything right, especially since he seems to lose his mind every time she's around. "There's something about Anne's style that's so incredibly refreshing and enticing, I can't help but want more." -Pink-Polished + Poised, Amazon Reviewer

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