Nevermore: Quick ways to stop anxiety and end panic attacks once and for all

by Helen Wright

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Book Description

Do you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts or chronic stress? Do not worry, your problem is completely solvable! From this anxiety workbook full of practical exercises you will learn how to return to a full life in a short time. The techniques discussed in this book have already helped many people defeat anxiety and panic attacks. And that is not surprising, because the author of the book managed to overcome the issue herself and recover after many years of suffering. The techniques I will be presenting in this book will surely save you from your panic and anxiety attacks. I will walk you through a journey where we will rely on my personal experience and those of others to overcome your panic attacks, fear and anxiety. All you have to do is to commit and act consistently, and put all the recommendations into practice. Soon you will forget about the problem forever.

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