New Dad Words Of Wisdom: Your Roadmap To Success For Taking Care Of Your New Baby

by Beau Salts
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NEW DAD WORDS OF WISDOM:  YOUR ROADMAP TO SUCCESS FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR NEW BABYCongratulations!You are now (or soon will be) a father!Fatherhood can at first seem like a daunting prospect; after all, you want the very best for your little bundle of joy.  Knowing what your new-born needs isn’t always simple but fear not – this book has you covered.  New Dad Words Of Wisdom:  Your Roadmap To Success For Taking Care Of Your New Baby contains all of the do’s and do-nots of parenting, to give your mini-me the very best possible start in life.This concise guide, written and compiled by Beau Salts, a male registered nurse, tackles all of the core points of new-born child care, including:Safety – How to create a safe environment, and unexpected hazards to look out for!Crying – Why it’s happening, and what to doHygiene- Bathing, clothing and diaper changingSleep – For both your baby, and you!Nutrition – Breastfeeding, formula and general nutritionHealth – Umbilical cord careYou – Because your health is important too!Work – Making the transitions; both out of work, and back to itAnd much, much more!Sadly, babies don’t come equipped with an instruction leaflet, but this detailed guide contains all you’ll need in a simple and easy-to-digest format.  Fatherhood is a monumental and joyous change in any man’s life; ensure you start off on the right foot – you, and your baby, deserve it.Scroll up to the TOP + hit the BUY BUTTON

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