Nocturne: A Clairvoyant Fantasy Romance (Sabrina Strong Series Book 3)

by Lorelei Bell
  • Book Author : Lorelei Bell
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  • Promo End : 08/14/2019
  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

Lindee has been kidnapped, leaving Sabrina racing against time - and vampires - to find her.After running out on her wedding, Sabrina flees to the Black Veil: a world where humans are objects of bloodlust and vampires reign supreme. When she receives the news of Lindee's disappeance, Sabrina is forced to make a risky deal with the legendary king of the realm: Drakulya the Impaler.But as a sinister conspiracy unfolds, has she sacrificed too much?Praise:★★★★★ "A flipped world with missing persons and vampires galore. Excellent series with interesting characters and great storyline."★★★★★ "Lorelei Bell has a great style for storytelling, and builds a believable world for her complex and colorful characters."

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