Nocturne (Sabrina Strong Series Book 3)

by Lorelei Bell

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Book Description

Lindee has been kidnapped.Soon, Sabrina learns that the reality is even worse. She has been taken beyong the Black Veil, where people are merely blood donors and objects of the vampires' sexual desires.Here, Sabrina encounters Drakulya the Impaler, who has become a vampire and rules as king of this strange world.Wielding the Dagger of Delphi, Sabrina faces the Dreadfuls: merciless stalkers and killers. With her is the stone that holds the spirit of Dante Badheart, and more mysteries surround this magical artifact as well.Praise from readers:★★★★★ - "Lorelei Bell has a great style for storytelling, and builds a believable world for her complex and colorful characters."★★★★★ - "A flipped world with missing persons and vampires galore. Excellent series with interesting characters and great storyline. There's so much to take in while reading through this book. Very satisfying."

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