Nora’s First Day at School (My Teacher Hilda Book 1)

by Tamar Eqizashvili

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Book Description

Literature plays a huge part in a child’s development. Whether children read themselves or have a book read to them, stories can widen their imagination, expose them to new ideas, and help build their vocabulary. Stories can help children to deal with issues in their own life and to prepare for new experiences. Nora’s First Day at School is an excellent book choice that will help children learn how to socialize before entering school. The book is illustrated with vibrant colors and images and tells the story of a little girl named Nora, who is fretting over entering a new school. With the help of a special hippo teacher, Nora’s fears come to an end and she learns to enjoy school. Nora’s First day at School is book one of a series titled “My Teacher Hilda.” The series helps children to learn and grow and is a valuable educational tool.

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