Northern Knights

by Todd Matthews

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Book Description

The world’s most powerful empire wants him dead... …yet how far will the desire to achieve liberty push a brash college senior? Cain Riscattare just wanted to return to school, play ball, and enhance his element control ability—never suspecting a military draft will derail his plans. Faced with the prospect of getting shipped off to fight a needless war under the imperial banner, Cain and his small group of friends resist, sparking a colonial uprising not seen in two decades. The revolution has begun, and Cain is number one on the global power's hitlist. Join readers who are talking about this fast-paced new adult urban fantasy and discover whether Cain and his friends survive the encounter.

Todd Matthews


Todd Matthews is a—okay, talking in the third-person is weird, so hi, I’m Todd! I’m a professional Thought Criminal who hides behind a screen and pens random thoughts regarding liberty. When I jumbled my thoughts together, I created Northern Knights, Episode I in the Lord of Columbia Series. A few fun facts: I'm a huge fan of Cleveland sports, a Ravenclaw, and an avid researcher. Well, that’s about all there really is to know, so let’s embrace liberty!

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