Nosey Charlie Chokes On A Wiener

by Yvonne Blackwood

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Book Description

A squirrel’s Joy of summers in a big city ... An exquisitely illustrated, fun and delightful picture book for Kids 3-8; perfect for anytime reading, in paperback & Kindle versions. The indomitable Nosey Charlie is at it again! Nosey Charlie Chokes on a Wiener is the third book in the Nosey Charlie Adventure series. A little orphaned squirrel who was raised in the country, Charlie recently moved to the big city to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, Pete. But he is nosey and wants to find out about everything in his new environment. It is summer, and the tantalizing aroma of hot dogs being cooked by a sidewalk vendor just beyond the fence that surrounds the park in which he lives gets him all worked up. He would love to eat some. But are hot dog wieners good for squirrels? Read this amazing story and find out. . .

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