Notice it: The True Power of Body Language Condensed

by Jakob H. askling

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Book Description

Do you have an interest in body language? Do you think it’s easy to spot when someone is giving you signals? Would you like to know more about this fascinating subject? There is no doubt that body language is something that we all practice, whether we do it intentionally or in some subliminal way. But would it be an advantage to you if you could understand it better and use that to your benefit? In this short book, Notice It: Reading Body Language, you will quickly be able to grasp the fundamentals of body language through simple, practical examples, in chapters that include: - Body language basics - How you can read body language - Learning the skills - How to spot if someone is lying - How parts of the body act in different situations - Flirting - Detecting danger - Replicating body language - And more… This easy to grasp and practical step-by-step guide is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to improve their own communication and project confidence by using body language. A compact, quick and easy read, crammed with useful advice, Notice It: Reading Body Language will have you reading other people’s body language fast. Get a copy today. You will never look at a person the same way ever again!

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