Ocean Friends: Young Readers Chapter Books (Animal Friendship Adventures Book 1)

by K.B. Shaper

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Book Description

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Three great fish stories about friendship and adventure

A chapter book with three great adventure stories featuring fun sea creature friends. (140 pages) Meet Angel, Mandy, Nestor, Eliot, Sharkie, Ollie and the whole bunch, as they have fun adventures and make new friends in the most unlikely ways. They learn a thing or two about being friends, even when they're different, new, shy, or scared. 1 - In The Black Cloud, Angel and Mandy are exploring when they hear a big BOOM. Soon, it gets very dark and cold under the water. A dark cloud threatens their friends at the reef and a pesky shark keeps trying to eat them. How will Angel and Mandy save the day while making new friends? 2 - New Fish in Town: Danny the dolphin is on patrol. He like to make sure everyone is safe. But a storm threatens the tide pools and a grouchy crab looking for a new shell. And a mean shark is stuck in the sandbar. His best friend Tina the tugboat convinces him to be a friend and save the day. Will Danny be able to save everyone and turn then into friends? 3 - Eliot's New Friend: Eliot is a brown coral crab who loves to play super hero. But regular Eliot is easily scared. When he sees eyes and legs peeking out from under a rock, Eliot is super scared of the monster he discovered. When Eliot and a friend get into danger, who will save them?

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