One, Two, Three: Learn to count ( funny nursery rhymes )

by Anri Laran

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Book Description

Learn to count that is fun! ..One two three - look at magic trees! Three four five - look at the blue sky!... New funny "book-toy" is simple and easy way learn your kids to count! The funny nursery rhymes help your child quickly and easily learn to count from one to twenty-one. The book is made as a short speech, where figures combine into a group of three numbers. Scientifically proven fact that a human being quickly and easily remembers a large volume of objects, digits, numbers, if they are grouped into several parts for one block of information. The memory is arranged in such a way that it can store in the short-term area no more than 5-7 individual blocks at the time. Plus the general thing is that information in the verses is assimilated much faster, much longer stored in short-term memory and quickly falls into a long-term area. Learn together with the child a poem verse "One, two, three" and enjoy learning to count. Let s play and study!)

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