Online Security for Everyone: How to stay safe on the Internet and protect your personal information without being (too) paranoid

by Evan Anthony

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Book Description

We spend more time online and conduct more transactions online each year. This means that we also have more and more personal information stored on the Internet every day. One seemingly small mistake can lead to a cascade of increasingly invasive access to your personal information even by amateur hackers. This can lead to identity theft, financial loss, online embarrassment, and loss of access to your email and social media accounts -- even your cell phone number. Additionally, if you are tired of having targeted ads follow you everywhere and marketing companies knowing more about you than your therapist, this book will address how to minimize the amount of information any one organization has about you. Some of the topics discussed are: -best free and paid email for privacy; -best web browsers and plugins for privacy; -keeping your social media secure; -password management without memorizing; -using a VPN; -secure your Wi-Fi router and home network; -search engines that don't track you; -avoiding phishing attacks, -remediating malware and ransomware; -securing Windows 10 and MS office; -using encryption without a Phd; -how to really delete files; -securing cloud storage and performing safe backups. There is also information on working in cafes and on public Wi-Fi, keeping your physical space private, and even how to keep your internet-based devices -- doorbells, TVs, thermostats -- from becoming a weak link in your home network security.

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