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An Autobiography by LoryPattanaik The mesmerizing story of one man’s descent into personal toiling and then the quest for achieving opulence with a masterstroke in every episode of his life. One dark road in the middle of the night of a sleepy village “Lailunga” suddenly was spotted with light with a spark in the eyes of an 8-year young boy to „DREAM BIG‟. O.P Singhania dives and takes a close watch to his early life, effort,hardship, fortitude, luck and chance that eventually led him to become one of the Best C.A in Chattisgarh. The moving memoir of this O.P Singhania book is a recollection of his young days which is a good suggestive to the Malgudi Days set up in search of his identity. This journey is about himself as he painlessly takes the reader with him to witness that identity. The recounting of this emotional yet sentimental odyssey begins from Lailunga to Raigarh, Kolkata and finally ending at Raipur. He remembers his parents, teachers, family, relatives and most influential characters in this book, offering a tribute to all of them for being a part of his life. Adding colour to the plots are some of the pictures of that time. This segment covers the all early learnings and travels. Compassionate, dramatic and deeply moving “NOT ONE IN A MILLION- An Autobiography ‟ takes readers to the roots of human behaviour – to the innocence, experience,kindness, and cruelty, love and hatred, struggle and victory with an extra flavour of humour and pathos added to l

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