by M Martin
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Book Description

It may be somewhat shocking to learn what humans have in common with other primates. These primates have hands and feet, shoulders and hips, and unlike most animals and mammals who rely on their sense of smell, the arrangement of a primate's brain is like a human's, which relies on sight and social order. This means that Apes and humans and monkeys are all classified as primates. But in contrast to the evolutionary theory which claims that we humans are genetically 95 to 99 percent close to Apes and monkeys, there is a massive difference in posture and locomotion alone. Humans' hair, nervous system, and way of communication, among other things, also separate them from these lesser types. Like the human race that is a class of its own with diverging traits, these lesser types also have their own varying qualities. After freeing you from these obscuring evolutionary beliefs that pester every serious reader studying or seeing a picture of an ape or a monkey, this book will help you classify the distinctive makeup of an orangutan. It will teach you how to tell a monkey from an ape. It will show you what characterizes an orangutan from the rest of the other primates. Who are their predators? How many species are there and how do they differ? What is their closest relative? Why are they becoming extinct? This and much more intriguing information that makes them stand out from the rest can be found in this book.

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