Ordinary to Extraordinary: Stories of Exotic Places and Remarkable People & How Belonging and Purpose Can Transform Your Life

by Erik Seversen
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Book Description

Do you love stories of adventure, travel, chance meetings with amazing people, and intriguing episodes of danger, love, and unexpected results? Do you like seeing the underdog win and the average person achieve extraordinary success? In Ordinary to Extraordinary, you’ll find this and much more. This book is composed of captivating but true first-person narratives, and it is also an exploration into the meaning of life through four “pillars of meaning” – belonging, purpose, transcendence, and storytelling – allowing you to reflect on these pillars in your own life. Ordinary to Extraordinary is entertaining, and it also shows readers that anything is possible. Through stories of adventure and overcoming fear, it reveals how easy it is for any of us to unlock all our potential and live a successful and fulfilled life.

Erik Seversen


Having traveled to over 80 countries and 49 states, Erik Seversen is a writer, speaker, adventurer, entrepreneur, and educator who constructed the life he wanted to live while conducting a deep study of people, love, struggle, and ways of thinking that help him tackle problems in business and in life. Erik’s current mission is to inspire people. He holds a master’s degree in anthropology and is a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Erik takes from years of teaching at the university level and years of real-life experience to motivate people to take action creating extreme success in business and in life. Erik lives with his wife and two boys in Los Angeles, California.

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