Outlining Tinnitus: A comprehensive guide.

by Mark Knoblauch

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Book Description

The underlying cause of tinnitus has been described by researchers as one of the most controversial issues in medical science. Despite decades of intense research, the cure for tinnitus remains elusive. Consequently, millions of tinnitus sufferers are left susceptible to the frustration and annoyance brought about by the ever-present ringing in their ears. Mark Knoblauch has himself lived with tinnitus for over 15 years and therefore understands the daily battles that individuals afflicted with tinnitus often face. He has been through the phases of avoiding quiet rooms, delaying bedtime, and anxiously seeking the sound of white noise in order to drown out the silence that allows tinnitus to manifest itself. Now, despite still living with tinnitus daily, the high-pitched sound in his ear has become nothing more than an afterthought thanks to a dedicated treatment plan. It was the success Mark had in addressing his own tinnitus that motivated him to write Outlining Tinnitus. This book is designed to serve as an all-inclusive guide for both those individuals who suffer from tinnitus as well as those who live with or know someone suffering. Topics such as the anatomy involved in tinnitus, suspected causes, available therapies and treatments, effects on quality of life, and many more are all discussed, using the most current research in order to provide a comprehensive overview of what tinnitus is as well as how it can be effectively eliminated.

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