Outsmart Your Exams

by William Wadsworth
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Book Description

What if there were a set of simple techniques you could use in the exam hall, that would maximise your chances of opening your envelope on results day to find the grade-card of your dreams? There is a little-known science to just about every aspect of performing on exam day: from the psychology of delivering under pressure, to specific processes for maximising your memory recall. These techniques are as universal as they are powerful, applying to the exams sat by millions of students in middle school and high school, right through to specialist exams on tough university courses or for prestigious professional qualifications. Cambridge learning psychologist, supertutor, Exam Study Expert podcast host and former top 0.01% national exam results student William Wadsworth reveals the ingenious strategies from the new science of memory recall and elite performance that will be your new secrets weapons in winning more marks on exam day than you ever thought possible (no extra studying required!). Think you already know what it takes to pass your tests? Think again… "A masterful guide... and I always thought I knew a lot about exam technique " - Dr Aled Walker, Fellow at Trinity College Cambridge “An exceptional set of tools to ace the exam… I would recommend to anyone who would like to significantly improve their results” – Alexander Keller, student Students around the world are reporting better grades with Outsmart Your Exams. Are you going to be one of them?

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